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This page includes links to blog posts, publications, reports and other resources related to the Covid, Closeness & Care Study. Additional resources will be added as they become available.

'Carers': A Poem by Carol Beaumont

This wonderful poem, written by an advisor on the Covid, Closeness and Care Study, depicts some of the experiences of an older person receiving care at home.

Blog Post: Why care workers are feeling less valued and leaving the sector after the pandemic

This blog post, published in The Conversation, explores the possible explanations for the increase in workers leaving the care sector in England since the start of 2021.

woman in a mask 2_edited.jpg
care worker providing care invisible_edited.jpg
care worker providing care invisible_edited_edited.jpg

Report: Professionalisation at work in adult social care

This report on the professionalisation of hands-on care workers was commissioned by GMB union for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Adult Social Care. It considers policy initiatives, skill and knowledge requirements, workforce registration, induction, training and the legal regulation of workforce standards.

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