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Some people need carers day after day,
Carers are needed to help or to stay,


Long term illness or now and again,
So many out there in terrible pain,


Mrs. Jones next door who lives on her own,
When she needs help she has no one to phone,


Meals are a problem, can’t stand up to cook,
She’ll stay in bed and read her new book,


Carers are calling, it’s a new day,
If only this illness would just go away,


Change the bed and give her a bath,
She’s a lovely old lady and up for a laugh,


Breakfast is ready, and so is she,
She’d get it herself but has a bad knee,


Carer has gone, won’t be back till lunch,
Hope she has left her something to munch,


Sit in the chair with nothing to do,
Hope carer not late she needs the loo,


The days are so long it’s such a bore,
If only a friend would walk through the door,


Lunch and tea over, she’s ready for bed,
Can I watch the TV Mrs Jones said,


The only thing is you’re here on your own,
Whatever happens if you should fall down,


The carer has left, she’s back the next day,
If only I had someone to stay,


It’s getting too much, can’t manage anymore,
I can’t even get up to answer the door,


I now need a carer in day and at night,

I’ve made up my mind, I feel better … goodnight

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